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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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"Good Nature's posters are an inspired blend of art and science..."

Valerie Easton, Seattle Times Pacific Magazine, Plant Talk

"Horticultural fine art!"

Sunset Magazine


Good Nature's experiment with free shipping improved sales, so:

FREE SHIPPING.  (Minimum order $20)

And extra goodies.  We won't say! But you'll like them. Promise.

Hey! Get the cool bestselling Good Nature Notebooks below with your poster order!   Tell your friends! Buy some for your favorite teacher! 

This is a small business, not Amazon! Everything is designed and printed in Seattle near the Salish Sea, USA on green papers. 

New notebook covers going to press this week: $3.99 ea or buy them @ Tattered Cover in Denver, University Bookstore in Seattle, Gallery Books in Mendocino, California, Malaprops in Asheville NC, NY Botanical Garden Gift Shop, and Bear Pond Books in Montpelier Vermont. 

New titles include Sing, Visit, Walk, Climb+ bestsellers Read, Write, Dig, Bike Good Nature Notes, click picture for ordering info.

PLUS more Good Nature Note Covers including Walk, Visit, Sing to go with Write, Read, Dig and Bike. Original cool linocut art by Peter Nevins who had the genius idea of illustrating his pleasures and ours after a meditation retreat a few years ago.  Don't you love it when the universe lines up and you can actually buy art that reflects one of your main pleasures in life?  Radical art for radical times. 



New Good Nature Notes - $3.99 ea.  email for ordering info and wholesale.



Premier first edition wildflower bookmarks.  Beautiful art painted by award winning artists Jean Emmons and John C. Pitcher. 

Great inspirational wildflower quotes on the back.

Wholesale .25 cents ea per 100 mix titles.  Retail for .50 cents ea

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"Check out the amazing posters & field journals coming out of Good Nature Publishing! ...the pieces are just brilliant, vivid, works of art! I'm planning on lighting up my walls with the new Bike, Read, and Write posters..." Anna Heaton





Beautiful art from the Olympics by John C. Pitcher $9.99 retail






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Give Art That Teaches and Inspires us to look deeper


All Good Nature art created and printed in USA on high quality green papers!


Are you involved in outreach and education?  Science teacher? See Tremendous Teachers offer for great discounts up to 90% off today!

Need help making an interpretive poster?  Good Nature designs and publishes high quality educational art to get your story across.


We design all Good Nature's posters from scratch-- so if you need to illustrate a story,  let me know.  We help you translate 1,000 words into a beautiful picture.  

What can I help you make?  I work with fine artists across North America, and print on the greenest papers.

Plus LEGAL  now available as a card and small poster


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Please take a minute to visit Good Nature -- and celebrate life, love, our artist's work and poems.  The poems are to share, Good Nature's posters are on sale!


Share your love of nature with friends and family -- art changes lives! 

Good Nature's artists will delight and inspire your friends and family, science teachers, students, and nature lovers of all ages. 


Order online or call me today at 206-271-3490. 

Satisfaction guaranteed 100%Tremendously,

Timothy Colman, publisher & poster sherpa

PS:  We print on high quality recycled process chlorine free papers and certified forest papers.  Limited editions are printed elsewhere on archival acid free papers that do contain chlorine.  Art Tested on Humans.  Over 246,000 posters in print. Please send this link on to friends and family. Illustrate, educate, activate!





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