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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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Baseball Hall of Fame Collector's Edition


photo courtesy of Metsker Maps window display, Pike Place Market.

Beautiful new Baseball, Knuckleball, Slider, Fastball, Curveball cards

and new pocket notebooks with Anatomy of Baseball on one side, a different pitching grip on the other.  Perfect for keeping score.

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Buy 1 set of cards, get a 2nd set FREE $20

Order the plak for a great gift $119 shipping free in US, $20 more in Canada.  Get a free set of notebooks while supplies last $20 free.


Team logo imprints are perfect for these products.

Call me @ 206 271 3490 or email below.
Fine baseball art and a Baseball Hall of Fame
bestseller — 5 years in a row.


Anatomy of Baseball Regular Price:  $19.99/$25 laminated. 

Wholesale Order 25 @ $4.99 ea.  by email



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18"x 24"


Anatomy of Baseball

by Dugald Stermer

Poster Size Edition for $49.99 for 2 posters, Set of all five fine art 6" x 9" cards, 4  baseball notebooks

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4 Baseball Pocket Notebooks

Anatomy of Baseball on front, one each grip on back


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18 x 24" Laminated


Anatomy of Baseball Laminated $25 LAM
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Best deal 10 cards for $20.00! 

6" x 9"

2 each online only Regularly $40.00  value just $19.99 for 10 cardsAnatomy of Baseball, Fastball, Curve Ball Knuckleball & Slider  6" x 9" art cards  on FSC textured card stock 10 cards for $20  and free shipping Order Now  
Plak FREE SHIPPING $119.00 Anatomy of Baseball, two grips on either side black plak (see above) Not eligible for Buy 2 get 2 discount Order Now  



Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Baseball Fan


  • Baseball art illustrated by award winning artist Dugald Stermer (12/36-12/11 RIP friend and artistic genius.)
  • Printed on thick creamy paper: 100 lb book weight FSC green quality paper dull matte finish.  Not shiny and thin poster paper.
  • Baseball illustrated in color pencil, cross section of baseball with calligraphy
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Anatomy of The Baseball

Do you love baseball?  Know someone who does?   Then I recommend you order this unique, bestselling baseball art from Good Nature Publishing.

When celebrated artist and calligrapher Dugald Stermer showed me his elegant illustration titled "The Baseball" it connected me to memory, to hope and to my love for baseball's ability to transcend the moment. 

Baseball Hall of Fame bestsellers, this is a perfect high quality baseball gift for your favorite player or fan. 

Buy direct and save today! Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Enjoy! Best pitches,

Timothy Colman

PS:  Frame tip:  Mount each pitch on either side of the Anatomy of the Baseball.  We can do it for you-- click on my name and email me for web special offer.  We have plaks available with black edge just $249 for 18" x 24" plus two grips on either side.   See below for the set of five 6" x 9" cards mounted together for $119.

PS:  Got a team you want to make this art a gift to? 

Order a mix Anatomy, Knuckleball, Slider, Fastball and Curve Ball grips 100 or more for $2.99 ea.  Wholesale available.

Plak with all five baseball cards mounted $119 Free Shipping.

Individually mounted 6" x 9" plaks are $29.99 and FREE shipping.  Email to order or call me 206 271 3490