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— Bertolt Brecht

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Northwest Native Conifers

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We make all the art you see @ Good Nature here in Seattle and print on greenest papers. 

Buy locally, US made art and support your favorite poster sherpa. Plus when you hang this art on your wall, you'll feel smarter and prettier. :)

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36" x 24"


All 32 Natives

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36" x 24"
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Conifers included on print:

• Common Juniper • Rocky Mountain Juniper • Western Juniper • Modoc Cypress • Port Orford Cedar • Alaska Yellow Cedar • Western Red Cedar • Incense Cedar • Subalpine Fir • Noble Fir • Red Fir • White Fir • Pacific Silver Fir • Grand Fir • Douglas Fir • Sitka Spruce • Weeping Spruce • Englemann Spruce • Mountain Hemlock • Western Hemlock • Pacific Yew • Coast Redwood • Lodgepole Pine • Knobcone Pine • Ponderosa Pine • Jeffrey Pine • Sugar Pine • Western White Pine • Limber Pine • Whitebark Pine • Alpine Larch • Western Larch




Cone and foliage linked by number to central image (old growth phase)
Common and botanical names
All 32 native conifers
Illustrated by Michael Lee, color pencil

Printed in Seattle, Washington USA on quality recycled paper