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The Art of Clean Water Practices

Low Impact Living poster field guide &

Love Your Stream poster (below)


24" x 18"

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24" x 18"

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Low Impact Living techniques use natural processes to help manage stormwater. Innovative and low cost “water smart” practices allow us to build in ways that keep pollution out of our waterways that have immediate and positive impacts. Protect native soils, forests, and prairies by grading and clearing as little as possible when building or remodeling. Capture rainwater in a barrel or cistern and build rain gardens that manage rainwater on site. Use pervious driveways, walkways, and patios that allow stormwater to absorb back into the ground instead of running off. Build green roofs and green walls that absorb stormwater and slow down the run off. Use minimal yard chemicals to protect groundwater and surface waterways.

Imagine a green permeable skin on our city. The new green American community featuring rain gardens, swales, green roofs, pervious pavers, cisterns, rain barrels, native plants, pervious pavement, and biodiversity. Restoring natural processes to land that has been paved over so that it can breathe again.

Good Nature's beautiful educational poster has been developed for one reason: pictures are powerful ways of teaching people low impact development practices. The front practices listed above are beautifully rendered by artist Teresa Fasolino. And the back of the poster is full of tips on how to get started.

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Landscape plant list

I've included a planting list.

1. Wax myrtle
2. Beaked sedge
3. Sword Fern
4. Dwarf Red twig dogwood
5. Spirea
6. Ledum
7. Juncus
8. Cornus stol sunshine
9. Flowering currant
10. Deschampria
11. Western azalea
12. Oregon grape
13. Nootka Rose


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