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Eastern Native Conifers
By Michael Lee

24" x 18" $14.99 $25.00 Laminated

Together for the first time! All native conifers of Northeast United States are proportionately illustrated in a grove-like setting. A border features close-ups of each tree's cone and foliage, listed with it's common and botanical names. This print is illustrated by Michael Lee; illustrator of all of Good Nature Publishing Company's Tree posters. Take a look at his completed works: Northwest Native Broadleaved Trees, Northwest Native Conifers, and Native Oaks of California.

Trees included on this print:
• Eastern White Pine • Jack Pine • Shortleaf Pine • Spruce Pine • Table Mountain Pine • Pitch Pine • Tamarack • Black Spruce • Red Spruce • White Spruce • Eastern Hemlock • Balsam Fir • Northern White Cedar • Atlantic White Cedar • Common Juniper • Creeping Juniper • Eastern Redcedar • American Yew • Loblolly Pine • Red Pine

Size: 24" x 18"
Foliage/Cone image linked by number to central image
Common and botanical names
Illustrated by Michael Lee, color pencil



Printed in USA on quality recycled paper