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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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Horticultural fine art!  Sunset Magazine

"Beautiful!"- California Oaks Foundation
California Oak
Woodland Community
Illustrated by Suzanne Duranceau

Our greener more just world starts with restoring ecosystems like the oak woodland community in California Oregon and Washington. 

Why is this painting important to your work? Does it connect hearts and minds beautifully to your work? 

Do you want to easily turn people learning about the interconnections of plants and animals into enthusiastic teachers? 

We have art available for a special offer until our reprint is sold out with deep discounts to support your work growing a restoration society.  First steps are learning, then teaching others the importance of all plants and animals here.



New Size 11" x 17"   Email publisher Timothy Colman or call 206 271 3490 for wholesale and quantity discounts

Gorgeous biodiversity original oil painting art by award winning artist and teacher Suzanne Duranceau. 


We have adapted this art for a Pacific Northwest and Oregon Oaks Woodland Community poster. 

Over 30,000 published.   


Get a customized pocket notebook with your brand and website on the back. Your art or ours on the front and back. Gorgeous green FSC cover stock, printed in small batches in Seattle by Good Nature tree elves.  $1.50 ea for 500+ special offer with your Free logo proof.

This art is designed to help you connect hearts and minds to the diverse flora that thrives in oak woodlands most people only see little parts of when in the woods.  Help change the world and teach with great art!



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11" x 17"
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11" x 17"
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• Californian Quails • Nuttall's woodpecker • Acorn Woodpecker • Western Blue bird • Yellow-billed Magpie • Anna's Hummingbird • Lazuli Bunting • Cooper's Hawk




• Dusky Footed woodrat • Black Bear • Mountain Lion • Mule deers • Gray fox • Rabbit




• Butterfly California Dogface




• Coast Live Oak • Maple vine • Poison oak • Californian poppies • Sticky Monkey Flowers • Blue Oaks • Madrone tree • Valley Oak • Willow • Black Oaks • Golden Chanterell