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Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.
— Bertolt Brecht

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"The Pacific Salmon of North America print captures the tenacity and beauty of Pacific salmon and steelhead like no other. It should hang in schools, homes, and the offices of elected officials -- to give notice that these fish are worth fighting for!"
Guido Rahr, Executive Director, Wild Salmon Center

"An inspiring reminder of the awesome beauty of the Pacific Salmon, and another reason to care about these fish."
James Lichatowich, Fisheries Biologist


Pacific Salmon of North America


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This print features beautiful color illustration by renowned artist
Dugald Stermer. This presentation includes all five Pacific Salmon and the Steelhead. Also, published here for the first time, is an Ecotrust map revealing the legacy of loss: all watersheds in which human activities have caused the disappearance of one or more native salmon stocks..

Fish included on print:
• Chinook Salmon • Coho Salmon • Chum Salmon • Sockeye Salmon • Pink Salmon • Steelhead



5 Salmon, 1 steelhead
Current map of salmon stock extinctions
Common and Latin names
Illustrated by Dugald Stermer, watercolor and pencil
Printed in Seattle, Washington USA on quality recycled paper